Proper Fuel

Choosing the best wood for burning is not just about which tree the wood comes from. Is the wood seasoned or unseasoned? Is it hardwood or softwood? Which is best in which situation?

Seasoned firewood is always the best choice. It is drier, will burn at a higher temperature for a longer time and gives real value for money. Wet, green wood burns slowly and weakly and ends up costing you more money.

Hardwood is dense. It burns down into glowing coals giving out lots of radiant heat that lasts a lot longer than softwood. It is usually the best wood to use for heating.

Be careful when burning semi-seasoned softwood as the high resin content will deposit more tar and soot inside your chimney, which in extreme cases can lead to chimney fires. The same is true even more for unseasoned softwood, and this should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.