• 600i_boiler drawingsthe_boru_600i_insert_stove

    Boru 600b Insert Double Sided Boiler

    The Boru 600b Insert Back Boiler Stoves, with Glass doors on both front and rear, allowing two adjoining rooms to be heated with same stove. A sleek contemporary stove that will heat an average size house (up to 10 single radiators) with piping hot water, you certainly will not be disappointed. So if its a fireplace or a blank wall the 600b Back Boiler Stove is the one for all.

  • boru_stoves_600i_double_sided_insert_stovethe_boru_600i_insert_stove

    Boru 600i Insert Back Boiler

    The Boru 600 Inset stoves are a class leader when it comes to space heating. They have a massive 10kw output and a large viewing area of the flame. The Boru 600i stoves come standard as insert stoves.

  • carraig-mor-12kw-freestanding-boiler-stoves-side

    Carraig Mor 12kW Freestanding Boiler

    The Carraig Mór 12 kW freestanding boiler stove model has a large output of 12 kW of heat making it punch way above its weight. Back Boiler Stoves don’t get much more interesting than this.

  • carraig-mor-20kw-drawingscarraig-mor-20kw-side-view

    Carraig Mor 20kW Freestanding Boiler Stove

    The Carraig Mor 20kw Freestanding Boiler Stoves have a massive output of 20kw. They heat up to 14 radiators and gives an Impressive 4kw to the room. It comes standard with all the usual Boru refinements such as a thermostatically controlled boiler, co2 burn technology and a multifuel grate for wood and solid fuel. A non boiler option is also available giving a massive 16kw to the room.

  • carraig_mor_25kw_front_view

    Carraig Mor 25kW Freestanding Boiler Stove

    The Carraig Mór 25 kW freestanding boiler stoves with hot plates. Style has never been so functional. Imagine being able to heat 15 radiators, have piping hot water and a delicious stew simmering on top of the stove.

  • carraig_mor_30kw_freestanding_boiler_stoves_drawingsboru-stoves-30kw-freestanding-boiler-stove-side-right

    Carraig Mor 30kW Freestanding Boiler Stove

    The Carraig Mor 30kw freestanding boiler stoves are one of the most powerful stoves on the market and comes with all the usual Boru refinements as standard such as C02 burn technology and an automatic damper making it also one of the most efficient stoves on the market. You won’t be disappointed with its ravishing good looks either!

  • inis_meainmkii_boiler_1

    Inis Meáin Mk2 Boiler

    The InisMeain Mark 2 is an upper mid sized boiler stove and it is designed for heating 12-16 radiators and domestic hot water. This stove is an excellent cost effective method of delivering sustainable, dependable heat all year round and when fuelled with wood can deliver low carbon heating.




  • Inis_Bofin_insert_Stove



    The Inis Bofin insert boiler stove transforms a standard fireplace into an efficient and environmentally sound source of heat throughout your home as a fully functioning central heating appliance. Gone are the cold draughts, smoking chimneys and the high heating bills, replaced with a highly efficient, sleek, clean modern insert boiler stove.