Cleaning your Stove

Giving your stove that new look –

Its nice to have your stove looking well, usually its the focal point of the room . A regular clean will ensure it is in the best condition possible. When cool, the exterior of the stove can be cleaned with a lint-free cloth or a clean shoe brush to wipe away any unwanted soot or dust. never use water as this may lead to rusting, a small amount of baby oil may bring it back to its former glory.

The internal elements of your stove  can be cleaned too. Use an old vacuum cleaner and vacuum away any remain ashes or soot. A small wire brush can get into the more fiddly areas of your stove.

While most stoves have an airwash system which will help ensure your glass stays clean, if it blackens over time and you burn just wood, dip a damp cloth into the wood ash and use it to clean your fire door glass. supply a Stove glass cleaner solution that does a great job.

Make sure your door rope still gives a tight seal and that all sliding vents are moving ok. Check the riddling grate to make sure it moves freely and check over your grate bars for damage. I


Annual Service

The  above items together with the internal throat plate, air inlets and flue should be checked annually, it might need a new paint job or local touch up all of these items can be covered by our Annual Service

Email or call us for further information or to book an appointment time for the service to be done.